Collett Environmental Commitments

As a major international multi-modal logistics operator, Collett & Sons is clear in the leadership role that we must fulfil in driving forward our industry’s health & safety sustainable environmental performance.

Reducing Carbon Emissions for a Sustainable Planet

Our commitment to the planet is a key priority to everyone across the Collett organisation.

Reducing Energy Consumption and Carbon Emissions - Carbon emissions and climate change are one of the biggest challenges facing the transport industry and there is a risk that companies will become susceptible to future ‘green taxes’. Climate change itself also presents us with risks, including impacts on our own operations and reducing the market value of developments that are not resilient to the future climate. These environmental commitments are managed through more efficient consumption of energy across our offices, transport fleet, on project sites, and by being transparent about our carbon emissions and targets through schemes such as the FORS Accreditation Scheme.

Reducing Waste - There are opportunities to save money by sending less waste to landfill and to better utilise new and emerging recovery and recycling processes which make the reuse of raw materials more practical. This makes reducing the volume of waste produced by Collett & Sons a priority. By focusing on resource efficiency we are better placed to meet waste regulations, industry targets and client demands.

Collett Health & Safety Environmental Commitments

Improving Sustainable Procurement - We require a high level of quality and competitiveness from our suppliers and subcontractors, as well as evidence of their own commitment to sustainability.  Maintaining the balance between responsible sourcing, competitive tendering and quality of delivery requires continual effort.  The introduction of responsible sourcing standards for key products, provides us with an opportunity to exert a significant positive influence in terms of suppliers’ environmental performance.  Minimum standards supply can be established, through our wide procurement arrangements, which include important responsible sourcing criteria, the percentage of recycled material and other applicable sector driven requirements.

Supporting Local Employment - Our strategically placed depots produce a relatively localised activity so the provision of the jobs and training can benefit a local community significantly.  We have identified that through our commitment to supporting local employment that there are great opportunities to deliver on all areas of sustainability.  Due to the positioning of our depots environmentally shorter travel distances reduce the carbon footprint of a project.  Socially, the benefits to the individuals and the local community of improved quality of life will be significant.  Economic benefits will also follow, including using local suppliers wherever possible, which leads to greater retention of wealth locally to the project.

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