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Super Additions to the Collett Fleet

We’ve invested in some new additions to our fleet, three Nooteboom super wing carriers.  Quadruple extendable from 18.65m to 64.3m.

Nooteboom Super Wing Carriers Join the Collett Fleet

It’s no secret wind turbines are getting bigger, as the industry continues to evolve transport & logistics companies must in turn adapt to facilitate these needs.  Historically blades could be anything from 25m – 50m, today they can measure well above and beyond 50m resulting in the traditional flatbed and extendable trailers no longer being the best available option.

The super wing carriers feature pendle axles which provide a 60 degree steering angle and significantly more suspension travel (lift/lower) for extra ground clearance and added platform stability.  Another feature is the hydraulically adjustable gooseneck which can be fully loaded and driven at any ride height.  Even with the gooseneck at its maximum height, the trailer bed remains perfectly horizontal allowing the tractor to manoeuvre easily and help to negotiate any tricky route sections in order to reduce the amount of street furniture removal requirements. 

Add to this the retractable chassis assembly and you’ve got a revolutionary piece of technology, designed specifically for the wind energy industry.  The super wing carriers possess the ability to extend or retract the rear axle assembly by more than 6 metres utilising a sliding bolster, resulting in an adjustable wheelbase without touching the load.

Collett Transport Consulting have taken this acquisition opportunity to add extra capabilities to our 3D swept path analysis with the inclusion of detailed 3D models of our new super wing carriers. Collett consulting have long been providing 2D swept path analysis reports using Ordnance Survey Mastermap Data. These reports are undertaken as a matter of course when surveying potential transport routes to create a digital journey highlighting any problem areas or pinch points. Already an established division of the Collett Group, the Transport Consulting division provide specialist reports to facilitate safe and professional transport planning. The latest addition to our Consulting services is the in-house development of our 3D swept path analysis software with which we can continue to build on the services we offer and provide a visual demonstration of the transport route and advanced reporting capabilities.

The software, built in house using the latest AutoCAD, allows us to accurately identify height limitations, predictably evaluate vehicle movements and gives us an accurate representation of a vehicle and load’s movement throughout any chosen transport route. All potential routes can be rendered in high quality 3D using accurate geographical data and can provide clients with a visual rendering of their transport project.

All the models used in the software, including the recent addition of the super wing carriers, are accurately rendered to depict the specific tractors and trailers available in our fleet with each one possessing precise vehicle movement characteristics and true steering geometry. This provides a solid base on which we can then accurately build the load cargo based on the exact dimensions, giving an in depth knowledge of the vehicle and load’s dimensions and behaviour throughout a chosen route.

The addition of the super wing carriers to this software provides us with the ability to quickly identify any overhead conflicts and vertical or horizontal alignment issues in the early stages of a project, increasing efficiency and minimising the need for the manual checking of 2D drawings. The software also provides clients with a preview of their project, bringing the transportation closer to realisation and showcasing Collett’s expertise within the field.

The ultimate solution for the transport of all makes and models of turbines, the addition of the super wing carriers to our fleet makes the possibility of carrying 80m blades a reality and provides us with an added manoeuvrability for the delivery of wind turbine components.

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