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Travelling Central London with 87 Tonnes

It’s been a busy weekend as we headed to the Capital with 87 Tonnes of steel plate girder from specialist structural steel fabricators, William Hare.

Central London Heavy Transport for Bishopsgate

Destined for the 22 Bishopsgate construction site the 16.26m long cargo was required to travel from William Hare’s North East fabrication facilities, via a coating facility in Middlesbrough, to final destination deep within Central London’s bustling streets. Not a straight forward transport project, this required significant logistical planning to deliver a load of this weight and size directly into the heart of the capital.

The plate girder would be moved in 2 stages. Initially the load would be transported from the North East fabrication site across to Middlesbrough for painting which would require the use of a 12 row modular trailer. Once painted the load would then make the final stage of its journey from Middlesbrough to Bishopsgate.

Months before any wheels began to roll Collett’s Consulting Team began the planning of the movement, identifying a suitable route for the project and undertaking site visits, route access surveys and detailed swept path analysis reports to ensure the load and trailer could safely traverse the route.

With a plan firmly in place and having completed the stage from William Hare to Middlesbrough the girder was loaded to Collett’s 14 row modular trailer and on Friday morning we set off for London.

After stopping overnight at Toddington Services, early Saturday morning we were joined by Hertfordshire Police who escorted the load around a diversion route in the Watford area. A weight limit had been put in place on the M25 which applied to all abnormal loads over 44 Tonnes and with our 87 Tonne load we were required to follow this alternative route. The loaded vehicle then proceeded from M25 junction 19 with our own escort to the abnormal load lay by on the A312 just south of the M4 at junction 3.

The final leg of the journey took place in the early hours of Sunday morning to avoid as much disruption as possible on the city’s streets and as the majority of London slept, our Team prepared to set off. At 4am, accompanied by Collett’s escort vehicles, Metropolitan Police and City of London Police, the 16.26m (L) x 2.3m (W) x3.56m (H) cargo began its journey.

Our early morning sightseeing tour took us via Hammersmith, Knightsbridge, Hyde Park Corner, Horseferry Road, Parliament Square, Trafalgar Square, Fleet Street, St Paul’s Cathedral and onwards to Bishopsgate as we meandered through the city’s streets employing manual steering, contraflow manoeuvres and traffic management operations throughout.

On arrival at the junction between Wormwood Street and the A10 Bishopsgate, our earlier swept path analysis reports had identified a reverse manoeuvre, which would have to be undertaken to allow the vehicle to negotiate this junction and complete the journey. Due to the total loaded length of 33.134m our Team had to manoeuvre the entire combination directly across the junction before reversing onto the North side of the carriageway, this would then allow the vehicle to continue Southbound on the A10 towards its final destination. Once again employing manual steering and traffic management from Collett’s escort vehicles and the accompanying police representatives, the repositioning operations were carried out and the load could continue onwards to 22 Bishopsgate.

Just before 7am, and with the city of London waking up around us we arrived at 22 Bishopsgate and the plate girder was safely delivered to its destination.

Collett Modular Trailer Travels the Capital

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