Self Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT)

Our fleet of hydraulic SPMTs provide the ideal solution for manoeuvring abnormal loads in confined spaces and intricately positioning components.

Abnormal Load SPMT Heavy Transport & Heavy Lift

The unique 360 degree manoeuvrability our SPMT trailer fleet allows our Team to undertake intricate transport and positioning of abnormal loads and heavy cargo in confined spaces.

SPMTs are platform vehicles with hydrostatic driven axles, and regularly feature in our heavy transport and heavy lift operations providing an essential addition when undertaking the movement and positioning of abnormal loads, transformers, industrial cargo, vessels & tanks.

The versatility of SPMTs allows them to be coupled in a variety of combinations tailoring to the specific cargo requirements.  

The unique hydraulic capabilities provide the ability to self load and off-load abnormal loads with a programmable steering option allowing multiple steering geometry patterns.  

Due to the scaleability of our SPMT fleet, we are capable of transporting and positioning 2,000 Tonne payloads. 

Hydraulic Self Propelled Modular Transporters Positioning Heavy Cargo

Our SPMT fleet is enhanced with the addition of the 'Power Booster' system which attaches to any modular trailer combination allowing us to effectively change the complete vehicle traction and pulling power capabilities. This is the equivalent to an additional ballast tractor being connected to the trailer.

Used predominantly for working on site, installations, portside positioning or RoRo operations our hydraulic SPMTs offer a flexible alternative to more traditional transport methods.

Coupled with our hydraulic jacking & skidding systems we can successfully undertake transport and positioning operations in challenging environments.

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