2D & 3D Swept Path Analysis Reports

Our SPA software identifies height limitations, predictably evaluates vehicle movements and provides an accurate representation of a vehicle and load’s movement throughout any chosen transport route.

Specialist Heavy Transport Abnormal Loads Consulting

Collett’s expert Transport Consulting Team provide detailed 2D & 3D swept path analysis reports and transport analysis, allowing us to accurately analyse the impact of abnormal loads and heavy transport projects.

Our knowledge and expertise allows us to create 2D & 3D digital models of loaded delivery vehicles using our transport analysis and design software to provide intricate route planning reports and meticulous analysis of the vehicle's behaviour in the surrounding environment.

Each vehicle model designed by the Collett Team is specifically created for each individual abnormal load or heavy transport project, based on exact vehicle dimensions and features accurate vehicle movement characteristics, true steering geometry and vehicle tracking.

We produce specialist reports utilising Ordnance Survey Mastermap Data or by carrying out specific topographical surveys, ensuring the geographical accuracy of any proposed route.

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2D & 3D Swept Path Analysis Reports

These details, which have been researched and developed for over 10 years using our own heavy transport fleet, allows us to create a digital journey highlighting any problem areas or pinch points.

Based on the practical heavy transport experience of the Collett Group as a whole and the analysis and design software expertise of Collett Consulting, we are able to demonstrate, where appropriate, the impact of manually steered trailers.

With the introduction of our 3D swept path analysis reports we possess the ability to quickly identify any overhead conflicts and vertical or horizontal alignment issues in the early stages of an abnormal load project, increasing efficiency and minimising the need for the manual checking of 2D drawings. This provides our clients with a realisation of their project, allowing clients to observe the vehicle movements at select points along any chosen route offering a preview of their project, bringing the transportation closer to realisation.

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