Traffic Management Plan

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Collett Consulting's Traffic Management Plans, in conjunction with all our other Surveying services can accurately plan any heavy transport project movements through to the final detail.  This ensures that not only does the project minimise impact on the surrounding environment but also on other road users and pedestrians.

Utilising all the data collated whilst undertaking Swept Path Analysis, Topographical Surveys, Route Access SurveysSite Visits and Test Drives, our Consulting Team will provide a comprehensive Traffic Management Plan detailing all aspects of your Transport project.

Our Traffic Management Plans identify current transport legislation applicable to each individual project. Background information including traffic data, school holidays, cycle routes, public foot paths, sunrise and sunset times and any other site specific project information will be gathered and analysed.  

The impact of all project construction traffic, including abnormal loads, will be assessed against existing traffic and road conditions and where necessary a road condition report can be supplied.  Mapping will be provided indicating the route(s) for all construction traffic along with the impact of journey times and delays to network traffic.

All this data is amalgamated into our Traffic Management Plans providing a step by step overview of your project from collection through to delivery.

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